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How it Works

How to Purchase a Property

Select a Property
To reserve the property simply complete the checkout form. Make down payment and doc fee to reserve the parcel.

Sign Agreement

We will then prepare a land purchase agreement for you to review, sign and return.
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Close on Property

We'll begin the closing process either in-house or through a third party like a title company to complete the land sale.


Frequently Asked Questions
How does purchasing a property from your site work?

We try to make the land buying process as simple as possible. Here are the steps:

  • Simply hit the yellow “Reserve Now” button.

  • Fill in your information and pressed submit.

  • We will be notified and the contract creation process will start.

  • You will receive a link to fill out a brief personal information form necessary for creating the contract

  • Once the contract documents have been created, they will be sent to you via e-sign to review and sign.

  • At this point we will set you up in our note payment system. Voila! You are now a landowner.

Are you a real estate agent?

No! I am a Land Investor. How is this different from an agent? Great question. As an Investor we own or under equitable interest the land that we sell. This means there are no middlemen or agents involved. This allows us to provide our land to you at a steep discount!

Can you help me look for a specific kind of property?

Absolutely! We have a large network of connections across the United States. This allows us to help you search out and find the perfect piece of land. Our guarantee is that if we can’t find you the perfect piece of land, will pass you on to one of our colleagues who can help!

Why are your properties so cheap?

I love this question 🙂 Our whole mission is to search far and wide across the country to find the absolute best-undervalued land deals possible! And we’re good at it! Doing this allows us to pass all those savings onto our clients. If we can’t get you a good deal, we won’t buy the land.

Are there any hidden fees when buying land from you?

I hate fees! With Infinite Land USA there are no hidden fees. Unfortunately, this does not mean there are no fees. Here are the fees that you will see with our company.

  • The Doc Fee: This fee covers the creation of the contract and the filing of all documents necessary with the county.

  • Property taxes: we prorate these and add them to your monthly bill. These typically range from $5 to $150 per month.

  • Note Setup/Service Fee: Each property has a $20-$35 per month note set up and a service fee. This fee allows you to log in and view the status of your note and manage your information and billing accounts.

  • Interest rate 10%

  • HOA Dues: In some of the areas that we buy land, there are HOAs. These typically have a yearly fee. We prorate this fee and add it to your monthly payment

All fees are clearly spelled out in each of our property and will explain before singing. There will never be a hidden fee surprise with our company!

How do I know if this is a safe way to purchase a property?

Here at Infinite Land USA we offer a 30 days 100% moneyback guarantee on every piece of land that we sell. If you are not 100% satisfied, let us know, and will do whatever we need to make it right. 

When it comes to your monthly payments, we use ACH (Direct withdrawal from the checking or savings account) backed up by your credit card. Both of these options offer you the ability to dispute any malicious or unfounded charges.

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